Juice drops : Funakuchi

Meaning of words


Funa = press
Kuchi = mouth

fune means boat because the traditional press looks like a boat, kuchi is the mouth. it literally means out of the press mouth. it is the first juice that is recovered without pressing mechanically, it is the equivalent of a drop juice, the sakabukoro (sake bags), filled with moromi, are placed in the press ready to be pressed, it is the natural pressure of the sakabukuro piled up one on top of the other that allows this first juice to flow out. It is necessarily Nama so we don't need to say that it is a namazake and that it is also consequently Muroka (no filtration after the pressing). the most common name for this method is Arabashiri

to make a drop juice there is a second method called shizuku which consists of hanging the sakabukuro (sake bag) and really letting the sake drip drop by drop, it is a very slow method which has the disadvantage of increasing the oxidation of the sake. this method is more prestigious and more fashionable because the quantity obtained is less but seems to be less qualitative because of the increased oxidation according to the statements of some brewers

Each method or process has its disadvantages and advantages, and it is up to the brewer to find the middle path, between the time spent, the effort required and the quality obtained.

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    Musashi shinkame junmai
    Funakuchi 2022

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    Funakuchi 2001,02,03

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