Legendary sakes by Y.Ogawahara

Yoshimasa Ogawahara 1946-2017
the man who revived traditional sake in 1967, known as "  Junmai ". His sakes are masterpieces. If you like sake, you must taste them. Nama or Hiire, it is a world that opens up and gives a glimpse of the wonderful road that sake could take by relying on its own qualities. To understand that pasteurisation is not to preserve, but to transform a dominant Namazake, full of ego, which can endure time, into a humble servant who will enhance and even create new flavours, giving the heated sake "Okanzake" all its mystery, all its poetry. Revealing through the food pairing, for the food pairing all its complexity through our mouths through our senses for us, for our pleasure......Arigato Sensei

You will find below the sakes brewed by Yoshimasa Ogawahara that we were lucky enough to be able to import, the stocks are decreasing every year. It's a chance that we still have some, it's up to you to grab it!

  • Hikomago Junmai

    850,00 4.000,00 
  • Hanafubuki Junmai

    900,00 3.400,00 
  • Shinkame Junmai

    900,00 3.600,00 
  • Mahoto Junmai

    1.500,00 3.400,00 
  • Shinkame Junmai Nama Sweet 14

  • Hikomago Junmai Ginjo Nanago

    3.200,00 10.000,00 
  • Kotori no saezuri Junmai Ginjo

    3.200,00 10.000,00 
  • Hikomago junmai daiginjo

    4.000,00 16.000,00 
  • Shinkame Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama 2013

  • Shinkame Junmai Ginjo Nama Funakuchi 2013

  • Shinkame junmai Dai koshu 1983

    8.500,00 12.000,00 
  • Hikomago Junmai Ginjo nama Kase nigori Sparkling Koshu

  • Hikomago Junmai Daiginjo
    Funakuchi 2001,02,03

  • Hikomago Junmai Daiginjo
    Funakuchi 2010,17

  • Toki no nagare junmai ginjo
    Dai koshu blend 1984,85,86