How to heat sake

1/ Fill the largest container about three quarters full of boiling water

2/ The small 12cl container (tokuri) is filled with sake.

3/ the smaller container is heated in a bain-marie in the larger one.

4/ The sake will be at the right temperature in 5 to 7 minutes (between 55° and 65°)

traditionally in Japan you don't serve yourself

You serve your neighbour by pouring the sake into the little cup called "sakazuki" and then each guest will become a servant in turn by serving each other as in Japan with this feeling of offering that binds in turn the different people at the table, this little game always creates a very good atmosphere.

Be careful, the sakazuki is held with two hands and you have to look down a bit when one of the guests serves you the sake.

But above all, be ready to serve your neighbour before he or she asks you to, you have to feel the need of the others, this also means that you have to know how to read in the atmosphere if the person wants to continue drinking or not, this is the art of the Japanese service.



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